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Actively coping with challenges, persisting in development strategy, promoting management reform, improving employee treatment

Actively coping with challenges, persisting in development strategy, promoting management reform, improving employee treatment

2018/09/26 10:53
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Huo Bin stressed that the current business situation of the Group is grim, but there are many more ways to solve problems and overcome difficulties. The difficulties are 

积极应对挑战 坚持发展战略 推进管理改革 提高员工待遇


On March 13, Chairman Huo Bin attended the joint morning meeting of the Electric Power Division and made an important speech.
Huo Bin said that the power sector is the main force of the group. Since the fourth quarter of 2016, due to multiple unfavorable factors such as rising coal prices, environmental protection inspections, and corporate emission reductions, the overall sector's benefits have fallen sharply, and profit pressures have increased. Supply side reform, de-capacity, financial risk prevention and control, corporate cash flow is more tense, is facing tremendous pressure and difficulties, but the group is still fully support and guarantee the normal operation of all enterprises.
When talking about the Group's development strategy, Huo Bin pointed out that in order to ensure the sustainable development of coal-electricity aluminum, the Group accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure and transformation and upgrading. First, it entered the capital market and promoted the development of the group through holding large-scale enterprises. Second, vigorously promote the construction of logistics industrial parks, give full play to the logistics advantages of the Central Plains, and build a comprehensive logistics industrial park with non-ferrous metals delivery. Third, the Luoyang Nonferrous Metals Trading Center was established on the basis of the Logistics Industry Park. At present, the formalities are being examined and approved. After the listing operation, it will become the largest spot trading center based on aluminum materials in the province and even in China. Fourth, before the Spring Festival, the Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the dominant enterprises in the industry to invest in an annual output of 1 million tons of intensive aluminum processing projects, which will drive the improvement of production capacity and the effectiveness.




Huo Bin stressed that the current business situation of the Group is grim, but there are many more ways to solve problems and overcome difficulties. The difficulties are temporary, and the most difficult times are often the most hopeful. The development prospects of the group are optimistic. As long as we follow the established goals, we will clench our teeth and stand firm and strive to achieve the goal.
Huo Bin made arrangements for the next step of the group. He pointed out that in order to change the management situation of the Group, it is necessary to adhere to management reform and start management system reform from the end of this month. After several years of development, the Group has transitioned from a pre-2013 management disorder to a high-intensity centralized management from 2013 to 2016. The management system is rigid, and in 2016, people gather and management concepts are improved. Although this process has blocked a large number of loopholes, it has led to excessive management and a relatively rigid system, which has seriously restricted the improvement of efficiency. The Group has established three business divisions. As a group operation center, all enterprises must weaken the operation and management functions of the Group and transform them into investment operations, target formulation, process supervision, evaluation and assessment, and the Group's decentralization authority, clear division of labor with each enterprise, and improvement of assessment And incentive mechanism to improve the enthusiasm and independent profitability of each enterprise, to break the situation that the system is rigid and hinder development.
Huo Bin put forward requirements for the key work of the Electric Power Division in 2018 from the aspects of energy-saving renovation of units, utilization of fly ash, railway construction, environmental protection, and peak production.
When talking about improving the welfare of employees, Huo Bin said that the first is to adjust the salary of employees in a regular machine, so that the remuneration package of employees is in line with the rising price. Second, the employee welfare residential community has started construction. Third, the original intention of the group is that the company has profits, employees have income, and shareholders have dividends. By adjusting the industrial structure, we will enhance the enthusiasm of all employees, ignite employee passion and enhance efficiency.
Liu Zhanxun, the executive deputy general manager of the group, put forward requirements for implementing the “Spring Check” rectification, increasing staff training, and accelerating the comprehensive treatment of fly ash.
Wang Ruxiang, deputy general manager of the group and general manager of the electric power business department, said that the work arrangement of the group will be resolutely implemented. In 2018, the electric power business unit will actively carry out the energy-saving renovation of the unit heating, the reconstruction of the water, the railway construction, the treatment of fly ash and the water permit. These five key tasks, actively promote two systems, build intrinsically safe enterprises, implement 7S management, and achieve the goal of “a first-class power plant”.