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Strong and strong joint management, complementary advantages and benefits. Congratulations on the establishment of the Group Alu

Strong and strong joint management, complementary advantages and benefits. Congratulations on the establishment of the Group Alu

2018/09/26 10:54
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On December 14, the Group held a joint meeting of the middle aluminum cadres of the Aluminium Plant, the Second Aluminum Plant, 

强强联合促管理 优势互补增效益 热烈祝贺集团铝冶炼事业部成立


On December 14, the Group held a joint meeting of the middle aluminum cadres of the Aluminium Plant, the Second Aluminum Plant, the Hengkang Aluminum Industry, the Carbon Plant and the Tiansong Business at the Er Aluminum Plant, and announced the establishment of the Group Aluminum Smelting Division and made specific arrangements on the relevant matters. . Chen Shichang, general manager of the group, attended the group, deputy general manager of the group, general manager of the aluminum smelting business unit, Gu Wanqi, deputy general manager of the aluminum smelting business unit, Wang Zhiqian, Shen Shanjun, and He Xuanwang.
Chen Shichang read out the document decision of the Group's establishment of the Aluminum Smelting Division and introduced the original intention, importance, main functions and tasks of the establishment of the Aluminum Smelting Division.
Chen Shichang emphasized that the members of the aluminum smelting plate team completed the handover today and quickly entered the role to carry out daily work. They must act quickly, change concepts and ideas, and transfer all their energy to the core development of the aluminum smelting sector.
Chen Shichang pointed out that the aluminum industry's production has been growing year after year. Under the current environmental pressure, the aluminum consumption increase is close to 3 million tons per year. The aluminum-alloy and aluminum-based iron projects represented by overpasses and building formwork are developing rapidly, and the aluminum smelting plate must be grabbed. Opportunities, integrating resources and striving for efficiency. Strongly promote the start-up work of the electrolytic cell overhaul; vigorously grasp the safety production work during the double section, ensure the economic and safe operation of the aluminum smelting plate, resolutely eliminate accidents such as leakage, malicious misuse, casualties, etc.; fully discuss the 2018 plan and optimize the decomposition in place, To achieve energy saving and consumption reduction; to win the battle against environmental protection, to strictly grasp the production work of the wrong peak and to do a good job in purifying and desulfurization of various enterprises; to fully achieve the work of 2017, the work of the official in 2018 is good.
Chen Shichang asked the aluminum smelting business department to do a good job in basic management around the construction of the team. It is necessary to comprehensively promote the production management experience of the third workshop of the second aluminum plant. Through the construction of high-quality workforce, long-cycle technical conditions, optimization and matching, bonuses are properly allocated according to the indicators, and the team is fully utilized. Measures such as the functions of the five major members have pushed the basic management to a new level.
Gu Wanzhen pointed out that he firmly supported the decision of the Group to establish an aluminum smelting business unit. The formation of the aluminum smelting sector is conducive to mutual communication and complementary advantages. He demanded: First, earnestly grasp the production of peaks, take the initiative, actively respond, and gather all the forces to tide over the difficulties. Take measures to meet all the possible shutdowns of the carbon plant, and reduce the pressure on the environmental protection policy for the group. The carbon factory arranges the work plan to provide reference for the group decision-making; the second is to pay close attention to safety production management, do a good job at the end of the year, and collect well. The third is to focus on the overhaul task, arrange the personnel reasonably, and do a good job in the overhaul of the furnace. The focus is on the planer. The quality and quantity will be completed at the end of March next year, and the start of the work will be completed by May 1st. Seriously do a good job in environmental protection project technical transformation inspection, determine the best plan, and win the environmental protection work, all enterprises in the aluminum smelting sector should strictly implement the purification and desulfurization implementation.
The Group's aluminum smelting segment is another segment of the Group after the establishment of the power sector. It is a new measure for the Group to broaden its management ideas and deepen its management reforms. It is a concrete implementation of changing the centralized management and decentralized operation of “big groups and small enterprises”. It will create a new situation for the Group's development.