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A large-scale private enterprise group that integrates coal, electricity, aluminum, aluminum deep processing, aluminum carbon, and circular economy


Carbon block

Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yidian Group”) is led by the aluminum industry, with aluminum processing as the leader,
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The construction of the company has created the speed of “four months of preliminary work, one year of completion, and half a year of production”, which is called “Super Shenzhen Speed” and “Yichuan Speed”. The company is the first company in Asia to adopt 300KA prebaked anode large-scale aluminum electrolytic cell technology, and has won four national-level scientific and technological achievements and three national-level technical patents, filling a technical gap in China's aluminum industry.


Hydrophilic aluminum foil is an important material widely used in household air conditioners, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment and automotive air conditioners, automobile water tanks: 3102, 8011, 1100, 1200 foil produced by our company, its performance indicators have reached the leading level at home and abroad. Products are exported to all over the world.


Hydrophilic aluminum foil

Carbon block


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Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yidian Group”) is led by the aluminum industry, with aluminum processing as the leader, power supply based, aluminum smelting, aluminum carbon, recycling economy, real estate, trade, logistics and finance. Development, large-scale private enterprises across regions and industries, and China's top 500 enterprises. The affiliated enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Yichuan Industrial Cluster Area of ​​Henan Province's new industrial demonstration base. Related industries and offices have expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Zhengzhou. It has the transportation location advantage of “Five High Five Irons and Three National Roads”, adjacent to the Millennium Emperor Luoyang City, the world cultural heritage Longmen Grottoes, the city of Dengfeng, the world's cultural heritage, and the Shaolin Temple. In 2017, the output value was 43.2 billion yuan, tax payment was 670 million yuan, total assets were 48 billion yuan, and more than 6,900 employees.




Aluminum Products 丨 Carbon Products

Finished aluminum

The company's main sheet products include tread plates, PS plate bases, electronic boards, lighting boards, aluminum-plastic boards, embossed sheets and other panels.


Aluminum ingot

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