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A large-scale private enterprise group that integrates coal, electricity, aluminum, aluminum deep processing, aluminum carbon, and circular economy

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Company Profile

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Yidian holding group co.,ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Yidian Power Group) is a set of power generation, aluminum smelting, aluminum, carbon production, utilization of fly ash and other industries as one of the large industrial enterprises of circular economy. Existing 2220 MW thermal power installed capacity, annual output of 840,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, 250,000 tons Haziliete (casting and rolling) aluminum sheet, aluminum foil 600,000 tons, 320,000 tons of aluminum with carbon and 1 billion standard bricks fly ash blocks and other production capacity. China's first aluminum has a series 300KA, 400KA aluminum series, the first in Asia Haziliete (casting and rolling) aluminum strip production line. Leading products electrolytic aluminum production capacity ranks first in Henan Province, the top 500 enterprises. 2012 asset sales double over 20 billion yuan. Enterprise employees 6799 people, including technical staff of 1008 people, 966 people a college education. State Customs AA category management business, industry outstanding contribution to enterprise in Henan Province, the Henan provincial government focus on service enterprises, Henan Province, circular economy pilot units. Has won the National Labor Award, National civilized units, well-known brand protection unit, more than 30 national honors and almost a hundred provincial honor. Group of leading products, "Henan Hong Kong Longquan" brand aluminum ingots obtained national free products, brand-name products in Henan Province, Henan Province and the honorary title, ranked first in total capacity, the national forefront of the aluminum industry in Henan Province.

"Twelve Five" period, the Iraqi Power Group will build three thermal power cluster in the province of the Central Plains Economic Zone, five deep processing base planning, further adjust product structure, speed up industrial upgrading, the basic realization of all aluminum production capacity in situ conversion into deep processing of aluminum products, electrical-owned capacity further, assets, sales revenue double over 30 billion yuan.