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A large-scale private enterprise group that integrates coal, electricity, aluminum, aluminum deep processing, aluminum carbon, and circular economy

Luoyang, Henan Hong Kong Longquan Aluminum Co., Ltd.

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Luoyang, Henan Hong Kong Longquan Aluminum Co., Ltd. located in the world historical and cultural city, the ancient capital of Luoyang Yichuan County thirteen municipal districts of
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Yichuan County of Luoyang City, Baisha Industrial Zone
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Luoyang, Henan Hong Kong Longquan Aluminum Co., Ltd. located in the world historical and cultural city, the ancient capital of Luoyang Yichuan County thirteen municipal districts of Yichuan wine Zu Dukang brewery sites, and is a true sage hometown, science masters "Two Brothers' was in apprentices within the hospital setting, the Cheng tomb, Zhongyan tomb, the tomb of Shao Yong, tumen Yangshao Art Institute of Chicago; Yichuan north and World Heritage Longmen Grottoes near to the east and mountains Zhongyue Songshan Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng City location bordering , the main traffic route through the territory of Jiaozhitielu, Luo community, two wide, transnatured Luo, Luo Luan speed, Luo Luan fast and provincial highways as the Tong Zheng Yichuan provides excellent transportation facilities.

The company occupies 916 acres and currently employs more than 2000, 336 senior technical staff, with an annual output of 400,000 tons of aluminum ingot remelting alloy production capacity, is one of the large domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises, leading products, "Henan Hong Kong Longquan "brand ingot has won the" national Inspection-free products "and" brand-name products in Henan Province "and the honorary title of best-selling home and abroad, enjoys a high reputation in domestic counterparts.

Founded in August 2003, it has a glorious course of development. "Fifteen" period, Iraq CLP Holdings Group Co., Ltd. extend the industrial chain, to build the advantages of industrial clusters, aimed at leading domestic and international first-class level of technology planning and design, the use of large-scale prebaked aluminum electrolytic 300KA Groove 258 units series production technology, comprehensive digestion and absorption of advanced scientific research, the construction of the company's 200,000 tons a project; environmental protection using the most advanced dry flue gas purification technology, dust and purification rate of more than 98%, and by planting trees around the plant in Forest green 1900 acres, to achieve the harmonious development of the enterprise with the surrounding natural environment. After an operation, the production of a number of technical indicators than the design level, standard operating cell, Omo income side integral, on-site management, fine management in the country 300KA electrolyzer large set of advanced production management model. During the "Eleventh Five-Year", in Henan Province, focusing on cultivating "two billion" call industrial enterprises, the group has funded the construction of the company's two 200,000 tons project. Two put into production, the company became one of the country at that time the largest aluminum companies, but also the Iraqi CLP Holdings Group Ltd. fell swoop into the "double billion" enterprise ranks of the fixed assets and an annual output value of ten billion double.

We always adhere to the scientific development times, energy saving, safe and efficient development of the concept, pay attention to technology training, and actively participate in exchanges and cooperation with the industry, won the Luoyang garden plants, Luoyang City, "May Day" labor certificates, Henan Province "aluminum Snow Mountain Cup" aluminum reduction workers vocational skills competition first group, "National model workers" and other honorary title, and relying on the Group operation advantage to achieve good operating results. 2012 production of 344,400 tons of aluminum ingots, primary aluminum for export 76,700 tons, sales income of 5.925 billion yuan, 036 million yuan of taxes; by the end of 2012, has a total production of 2,518,400 tons of aluminum ingots, sales income of 34.415 billion yuan, profit 25.16 billion, paid tax 963 million yuan to promote the county's economic development and build aluminum industry base in Henan Province has made a positive contribution.

Faced with "five" and the Central Plains Economic Zone of this new historic opportunity for development at all levels of government and leadership of the Group, the company and all the staff is with a new attitude spirited march, aimed at the domestic first-class level, through technological innovation and fine management to further improve the management level. Currently, the company is in close cooperation with the Group of high-precision aluminum strip, aluminum foil project, is the progressive realization of primary aluminum will be converted to liquid in situ carbon intensive processing product processing model, and is committed to promoting the domestic equipment manufacturing industry to achieve a low-carbon, science to make new and greater contributions to regional economic development and historic leap development!





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