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Charitable activities

Yidian Group donated another 2.66 million yuan to the 6th Charity Student Aid Activity

  On September 9, Yidian Group grandly held the 6th "Honorable Men of the Poor, Yidian Realize Dreams" charitable student donation ceremony, donating 2.66 million yuan to 537 prospective college students. He Zhanhe, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Charity Federation and Head of the Fundraising and Relief Department, Wei Miao, Party Secretary of Yichuan County Political Consultative Conference, Shen Xiaowei, Deputy Party Secretary and Political Commissar of Luoyang Traffic Police Detachment, Chen Shichang, Vice Chairman, Party Secretary and General Manager of Yidian Group, Yang Shaohua, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union of Yidian Group, attended the donation ceremony. He Zhanhe said in his speech that Yidian Group is a caring enterprise. While growing bigger and stronger, it actively undertakes social responsibilities and supports the development of charities. The Provincial Charity Federation will continue to join hands with Yidian Group, relying on the Yidian Public Welfare Fund, to carry forward the charitable student aid brand of "Honorable Men, Yidian Dreams", while solving material difficulties for the students, convey the spirit of charity and the power of great love , make life better and society happier. Henan Charity Federation will work with caring enterprises and caring forces such as Yidian Group to gather greater positive energy for upward and good deeds, continuously improve the people's sense of happiness and gain, and let the whole people share the fruits of social development. In his speech, Wei Miao said that Yidian Group is a backbone enterprise and leading enterprise in Yichuan County, and it is also an important support for Yichuan County to build "an important national demonstration base for new material industry innovation and green development and an important node of Luoyang national logistics hub", which drives the whole country. The county's aluminum processing, logistics, construction, real estate and other related industries have developed rapidly, making important contributions to the county's economic development, social progress and improvement of people's livelihood. Facing the huge pressure of production, operation and future development, Yidian Group still does not forget to shoulder its social responsibilities, actively participate in public welfare, and dedicate love. This kind of repayment to the society is worth carrying forward, and this dedication is worth learning from all enterprises. This phenomenon is worthwhile. The community appreciates it. Chen Shichang said in his speech that since the beginning of this year, Yidian Group has accelerated the promotion of the strategy of "focusing on industry, green development, leading technology, and serving the country with industry", insisting on profit-centered, market-oriented, safety, environmental protection, and quality as the main line, construction Shared enterprise. With the joint efforts of all cadres and workers, Yidian Group has seized market opportunities and achieved good business performance. Carrying out charitable student aid activities is an important part of Yidian Group's construction of a shared enterprise. Through student aid activities, employees and villagers in surrounding towns and towns can share the development achievements of Yidian Group. It is hoped that through this activity, the concept of charity and public welfare will penetrate into the hearts of every employee and let every employee feel the power of love. In the future, Yidian Group will continue to fulfill its social responsibility of helping those in distress, devoting itself to charitable causes and sincere devotion to love. "A great love action like 'Honor of the Poor · Yidian's Dream' does not only give us material support, but more importantly, spiritual encouragement and encouragement." Fan Yunbo, who was admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, spoke as a student representative . "I will turn the deep concern of Yidian Group into the ambition to become a talent, the heart of repayment into the source of hard work, firm ideals and beliefs, ride the wind of the century, face the light of the future, establish lofty ambitions, cherish learning opportunities, grow Talented, actively participating in the magnificent torrent of the times." Cui Yiyue, who was admitted to Zhengzhou University with a score of 614 in science, said in a speech today. It is reported that Yidian Group has carried out the charity student aid activity of "Honorable Men, Yidian Realize Dreams" for six consecutive years, and has donated a total of 12.66 million yuan to 2,317 students admitted to colleges and universities. This year, Yidian Group will continue to donate 266 yuan to the city traffic police detachment, the children of officers and soldiers of the troops stationed in Iraq, firefighters and police officers, the childr

2.35 million yuan to hold up the dream of 460 underprivileged students, Yidian Group held the fourth charitable student donation ceremony

  On the morning of August 26, Yidian Group held the 4th Yidian Public Welfare Fund's charitable donation ceremony for the 4th "Honorable Men and Yidian Dreams". He Zhanhe, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Charity Federation and Head of the Fundraising and Relief Department, Li Xinhong, Secretary of the County Party Committee, Wang Xuefeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Deputy County Mayor, Wei Miao, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Director of the Office of the County Party Committee, Shen Xiaowei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Political Commissar of the Municipal Traffic Police Detachment, Yidian Huo Bin, chairman of the group and secretary of the party committee, and Chen Shichang, general manager of Yidian Group, attended the ceremony.                                            

Yidian Group donated 2.05 million yuan to support 372 underprivileged children

"My father is an ordinary employee of Yidian Group. He often said that 23 years of stable work has brought stable income to the family, and only with stable income can we have a happy and fulfilling life. Yidian Group's contribution to the economy and society of Yichuan County It has made great contributions to development and created thousands of happy families." On the morning of August 23, Yidian Group held the 2018 Charity Donation Ceremony of "Honorable Men, Yidian Dreams Come True". Huang Yan, who graduated from a high school in Yichuan County, was admitted to Renmin University of China this year. Yao Linan, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Charity Federation, An Shizhu, Vice Chairman of Luoyang CPPCC and Chairman of Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhu Junchao, Vice Chairman of Luoyang Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jin Chunchao, Secretary and Director of the Standing Committee of Yichuan County People's Congress, Chairman and Party Committee of Yidian Group Secretary Huo Bin and others attended the charitable education donation ceremony that day. This year, Yidian Group donated 2.05 million yuan to subsidize 372 "prospective college students" in Yichuan County who were admitted to regular colleges and universities, including 30 from 211 and 985 colleges, each with 10,000 yuan; a batch of 69 undergraduates, 8,000 yuan per person. Yuan; the second batch of 148 undergraduates, each subsidizing 6,000 yuan; 115 vocational colleges, each subsidizing 2,000 yuan. The recipients of funding include the children of Yidian Group employees, the children of residents of the surrounding villages and towns of Yidian Group, the children of officers and soldiers of the troops stationed in Iraq, fire protection and public security systems, and outstanding high school graduates from Yichuan County who were admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University. Yao Linan delivered a speech at the donation ceremony, saying that Yidian Group actively undertakes social responsibilities while continuously developing and growing, and supports charitable causes with practical actions, and has donated hundreds of millions of yuan successively. It is the thousands of caring enterprises and caring people like Yidian Group who have provided an inexhaustible source of power for the development of charity, showing the ancient way and charitable feelings of the children of the Central Plains who are willing to be kind and help the poor and needy. College students are the pillars of the future. The charitable assistance of Yidian Group encourages young students who are about to start their university life. Life is inevitably full of ups and downs. There is love everywhere in the world. future. I hope that the students can make further progress, study hard, become talented as soon as possible, always be grateful, and actively repay the society.        

Great love to help students and cultivate peaches and plums, true love to help the poor and help the strong Yidian Group donated 2.47 million yuan to support the poor family

  "The tuition fee for college is a lot of money. I believe that like me, many parents of students are worrying about our tuition fees. Hearing the news of Yidian Group's charitable education, I feel very excited and grateful. There was a smile on his face.” On the morning of September 1, Yidian Group held the Yidian Public Welfare Fund’s 2017 Charitable Education Donation Ceremony. Song Yina, who lives in Zhuling Village, Baisha Town, was arrested this year. He was admitted to the major of ideological and political education in Henan Normal University, and expressed his voice at the donation ceremony as the representative of the sponsored students.          

Pour love into charity and strive to create social harmony

In the process of development and growth, Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. never forgets to give back to the society, report to the society, and devote great love to charity. In order to better feed back the society, the annual charity branch of Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. In the years of social practice and caring activities, he has been successively awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for China Charity by China Charity Federation, Luoyang Blood Donation Committee, Yichuan County Party Committee, and Yichuan County People's Government, an excellent organization unit for blood donation in Luoyang City, and an advanced unit for counterpart education in Yichuan County. , and honorary titles such as the Outstanding Contribution Award for the Funding Action of the Prodigal Son of the Poor in Yichuan County. Thinking of the source of drinking water and repaying the society, Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. will make the greatest contribution to the society as the highest pursuit of the enterprise. It attaches great importance to the construction of spiritual civilization, vigorously supports charity, and has donated tens of millions of yuan to all walks of life, making positive contributions to the creation of a harmonious society. Its main donation projects are: 1. Actively give back to the social education cause, donating more than 10 million yuan to support the construction of Yichuan New No. 1 High School, donating 3 million yuan for the construction of Yichuan No. 3 High School; 2. Enthusiastically participate in student aid public welfare activities, donate 100,000 yuan to Yichuan County's "Honored Men" campaign every year to help college freshmen with poor family backgrounds and excellent academic performances to complete their studies. By the end of 2012, accumulatively organized donations of 1.6 million yuan, subsidizing more than 900 poor college students; 3. Vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of alleviating the poor, donating more than 2 million yuan for the poverty alleviation activities of counterpart education support, effectively improving the conditions for running schools in Baisha, Shuizhai, Ludian, Pingping, Gezhai and other towns and villages in Yichuan County; 4. Donated 1 million yuan to Wenchuan disaster area and paid 280,000 yuan for special party dues; donated and purchased more than 800 school love packages, totaling 116,500 yuan; Supporting and developing philanthropy is an important means and measure to build a harmonious society, a civilized society, and improve the social assistance system. "Extending a friendly hand and giving a piece of love" is the social responsibility of every citizen and every enterprise. The charity branch of Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. will continue to support Yichuan's charitable cause, continue to carry out extensive charitable activities, and contribute to the creation of a harmonious Yichuan and a civilized Yichuan.
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