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Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yidian Group") is dominated by aluminum smelting, aluminum processing is the leader, and power generation is the basis. Aluminum smelting, aluminum carbon, circular economy, real estate, trade, logistics, and finance are integrated. It is a super-large private enterprise and a top 500 enterprise in China with cross-regional and cross-industry development. The affiliated enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Yichuan Industrial Cluster Area, a new-type industrial demonstration base in Henan Province. Related industries and offices have expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Zhengzhou and other places. It has the advantages of "five highs, five railways and three national highways", adjacent to Luoyang City, the imperial capital of a thousand years, Longmen Grottoes, a world cultural heritage, close to Dengfeng City, the capital of Kung Fu, and Shaolin Temple, a world cultural heritage.

Yidian Group has now formed three advantageous sectors of power generation, electrolytic aluminum, and aluminum processing, and three auxiliary sectors of real estate, trade, and logistics, and has invested in commercial banks. The main business currently has a thermal power installed capacity of 2.22 million kilowatts, an annual production capacity of 840,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, 600,000 tons of aluminum sheet, strip and foil, and 320,000 tons of carbon for aluminum. It has Asia's first 300KA electrolytic aluminum series, Asia's first Hazlett (continuous casting and rolling) aluminum plate and strip production line, and China's first private 2 × 660 MW thermal power plant, forming "advantage docking, chain interaction, and benefits." Significant” advantageous industrial clusters.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Yidian Group will fully implement the development strategy of collectivization, resourceization and capitalization, integrate upstream coal and alumina resources, consolidate midstream electrolytic aluminum and self-provided electricity, develop downstream aluminum processing, and deeply integrate logistics, In the high-end service industries such as finance and trade, we will strive to build a limited and diversified large-scale enterprise group with prominent main business, related development and competitiveness. Adjust and optimize the industrial structure, product structure, market structure and capital structure, build alumina projects in areas rich in bauxite resources at home and abroad, build an industrial chain system with reasonable layout and matching production capacity, and increase the research and development of high value-added products. Realize the on-site transformation of all electrolytic aluminum production capacity to high-precision end, and build aluminum processing into the pillar industry of Yidian Group and the first camp in the capital market. Based on product cooperation, strengthen capital cooperation, and jointly build a large-scale enterprise complex with mutual shares with domestic advantageous enterprises, improve the ability to resist market risks and core competitiveness, and cooperate to build the largest domestic non-ferrous metal spot delivery center, 1 million tons of high-end high-end products. Aluminum processing project, and Guinea alumina project.

Yidian Group is a national top 500 enterprise, an enterprise with outstanding industrial contributions in Henan Province, a key service enterprise of the Henan provincial government, and a provincial circular economy pilot unit. It has successively won more than 30 national honors and nearly 100 provincial honors, including the National May 1st Labor Award, a national civilized unit, a national well-known brand key protection unit, and a national customs AA management enterprise. Yidian Group's leading products "Yugang Longquan" brand aluminum ingots and "Longding" brand aluminum foils have won the honorary titles of national inspection-free products, famous brand products in Henan Province, and famous provincial trademarks. Passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, ISO14001:1999 international environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:1999 occupational health and safety system certification, customs AEO certification, KOSHER certification for Jewish areas, ROSH and REACH testing for Germany and Europe and the United States And MSDS certification, ISO/IEC laboratory accreditation, CNAS national laboratory accreditation.


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