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Yidian Group Holds 2022 Work Conference

Yidian Group Holds 2022 Work Conference

On January 12, Yidian Group held a 2022 work meeting, briefly summarizing the work in 2021, and deploying the work in 2022 in a lofty and pragmatic manner, reflecting the clear orientation of being based on reality and the key to doing. Huo Bin, chairman of the group, Chen Shichang, vice chairman and general manager, Yang Shaohua, chairman of the board of supervisors, chairman of the labor union, and other members of the group, as well as directors and supervisors of the group attended the meeting.

On January 12, Yidian Group held a 2022 work meeting, briefly summarizing the work in 2021, and deploying the work in 2022 in a lofty and pragmatic manner, reflecting the clear orientation of being based on reality and the key to doing. Huo Bin, chairman of the group, Chen Shichang, vice chairman and general manager, Yang Shaohua, chairman of the board of supervisors, chairman of the labor union, and other members of the group, as well as directors and supervisors of the group attended the meeting.

Huo Bin, chairman of the group, made an important speech

The meeting pointed out that in 2021, Yidian Group will promote the strategy of "focusing on industry, green development, leading technology, and industry serving the country", effectively cope with the outstanding difficulties and operating pressure caused by the superposition of multiple factors, and successfully complete the resumption of production of Hengkang Aluminum in Henan. Completed the "public-to-railway" railway special line project, built the aluminum industry Internet platform to promote the transformation of enterprises to intelligence, informatization, and greenization, and put into use the super anti-magnetic 5G + unmanned process vehicles developed to promote Yiheyue employees The 6 buildings in the community took the lead in capping, realizing the fundamental transformation from production management type to business efficiency type, creating business performance of 11.974 billion kWh of power generation, 721,900 tons of primary aluminum, 325,800 tons of aluminum sheet, strip and foil, and 337,800 tons of carbon blocks. At the same time, it donated nearly 20 million yuan to support flood control and disaster relief, charitable education, rural revitalization and other charities, contributing to economic development, social progress and people's livelihood improvement, and won the advanced collective of China's non-ferrous metal industry, China's aluminum foil innovation award, and poverty alleviation in Henan Province. Tackling the title of advanced collective and so on.

The meeting believed that these achievements made all the work of the group have a new look and a new level, and made all employees look forward to and have confidence in the future development of the group. For these major changes in the group, the most fundamental is to establish a shared enterprise construction goal and profit sharing mechanism, and fully stimulate the subjective initiative of the majority of employees and officers to start a business. The most important thing is to significantly improve the overall operating efficiency and management efficiency of the enterprise through management reform, decentralization and empowerment, and innovative business models. The most important thing is that the management team has clear thinking, decisive decision-making, unity and pragmatism, and good deeds; grass-roots employees obey the overall situation, be loyal to their duties, improve technology, and create value. The most valuable thing is that in the face of rare difficulties and pressures in recent years, all the cadres and workers of the group have persevered, worked hard, become stronger and stronger, and have shown extraordinary courage and strength.

The meeting emphasized that after system transformation, mechanism construction, management reform, and the joint efforts of all cadres and workers, Yidian Group has stood on a new starting point for development. The new starting point for development is based on the accelerated evolution of the century-old changing situation, the entering into a new stage of competition and cooperation between major powers, the establishment of a dual-cycle pattern, the good start of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the opening of the second century-old dream.

The meeting pointed out the outstanding problems in safety production, basic management, clean government construction and work style construction. All units are required to take strict precautions in this year's work, eliminate unsafe factors, and allow employees to go to work and go home safely; maintain a zero-tolerance attitude towards corruption and bribery, and resolutely crack down on them; pay close attention to personnel in external business positions The style of work will be rectified, and there will be major changes in the short term.

The meeting stated that in 2022, the external environment will become more complex, severe and uncertain, and economic work will take the lead and seek progress while maintaining stability. The overall coordination of macro policies will stabilize the growth rate and increment of credit, and maintain a reasonable and sufficient liquidity. Demand-side pull, supply-side constraints, high cost support, and high price base make aluminum prices expected to remain relatively high and volatile, industry profits narrow and the distribution in the entire industry chain tends to be balanced, the entire industry chain is more resilient, and the industry develops Opportunities and challenges coexist. The meeting analyzed the new stage, new characteristics and new ideas of the group, and asked everyone to deeply understand and understand the changes in the future development environment of the company.

Chen Shichang, vice chairman and general manager of the group, made a report

The meeting clarified the group's work guiding ideology and goals in 2022. Conscientiously implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, continue to promote the 16-character strategy, adhere to the principle of giving priority to efficiency, decentralization and empowerment, and low-debt operation, and focus on safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, and quality, and ensure the full supply of generator sets. , energy saving and consumption reduction in primary aluminum production, structural adjustment of aluminum processing products, speeding up the construction of recycled aluminum, photovoltaic, forestry carbon sink projects, improving development quality, reducing comprehensive costs, managing and controlling business risks, building a shared enterprise, and meeting the party's second Ten victories held.

The meeting pointed out the current and future business development direction of the group, strengthened the awareness of low cost, low risk and low debt, and implemented high-quality, high-efficiency and high-return measures. It is believed that achieving high-quality development is the organic unity of the group's production and operation, safety and environmental protection, management system, industrial structure, team building, open cooperation, and social benefits, and is the fundamental path to building a shared enterprise. Taking innovation as the first driving force, we should carry out technological innovation, implement mechanism innovation, realize functional innovation, promote model innovation, and strengthen conceptual innovation. It is necessary to take green as the general form, effectively improve the main body and overall awareness of ecological and environmental protection, establish an incentive and restraint mechanism for pollution reduction and carbon reduction, vigorously promote the transformation and development of green, low-carbon emission reduction, and transform the effectiveness of energy conservation and environmental protection work into promoting high-quality development. New kinetic energy. It is necessary to take safety as a solid foundation, build an intrinsically safe enterprise, and firmly grasp the initiative of safe development. It is necessary to take compliance as the basic compliance, standardize governance with efficient and enforceable systems, increase punishment for violations of regulations and disciplines, and strengthen the compliance awareness of all employees. It is necessary to rely on talents as the strong support, and integrate the concept of "common interests, concentricity, peers, co-creation, and co-sharing" into all aspects of enterprise production, operation and reform and development, so that the majority of employees can recognize the development of the enterprise and their own interests from their thoughts and hearts. Keep in touch and work hard for a common cause. It is necessary to take openness as the only way to expand the circle of cooperative friends, expand the industrial ecosystem, build a community of interests, and achieve high-quality coordinated development of the group by creating value for customers and partners. We must take sharing as the fundamental purpose, take the realization, maintenance and development of the vital interests of employees as the starting point and end point of enterprise development, create wealth, achieve employees, return shareholders, contribute to the society, and realize the interests of employees, shareholders, and enterprises. Close integration of development interests; integrate enterprise development into national construction, give full play to the leading role of Yidian Group as a leading enterprise, build a leading enterprise in the industrial chain, drive the development of the entire industrial chain of the regional aluminum industry and the coordinated development of related industries, and contribute to national economic development and social progress. Contribute to the improvement of people’s livelihood within our ability; incorporate social responsibility into the scope of corporate strategy, continue to carry forward the charitable sentiment of “helping the poor and benevolent”, actively participating in social philanthropy as always, strengthening the emotional connection between the enterprise and the society, and helping to achieve common prosperity, Let Yidian Group become a respected enterprise.

The meeting arranged and deployed ten key tasks for 2022. The first is profit-centered, market-oriented, further changing concepts and innovative thinking, accelerating the transformation of enterprises from production management to operating efficiency, and building a shared enterprise. The second is to increase the output of aluminum smelting and power generation to maximize the profits of the two major sectors, accelerate the construction of 50,000 tons of double zero foil, battery foil projects and 500,000 tons of recycled aluminum projects, further adjust the product structure, and strengthen and optimize the aluminum processing industry. The third is to further reduce the Group's financing costs and asset-liability ratio. The fourth is to strengthen the bottom line of safety and environmental protection, improve energy utilization efficiency, promote the construction of photovoltaic, forestry carbon sinks, energy-saving renovation projects and comprehensive utilization of solid waste, and promote green, low-carbon and sustainable development of enterprises. The fifth is to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and model workers, continue to promote full-staff training and work with certificates, comprehensively improve the business skills and overall quality of the management team and grass-roots employees, and drive the change of work style. Sixthly, it will give full play to the role of digital empowerment and further promote the digitalization of the Group's industries. Seventh, speed up the construction of regional logistics centers, do a good job in the opening and operation of "public-to-railway" special lines, and maximize the proportion of railway transportation. Eighth, timely promote the heating transformation of two 660,000-kilowatt units. The ninth is to speed up the construction of Yiheyue staff residential area, complete the main construction of each building before the end of the year, and simultaneously promote the construction of supporting facilities. Tenth, adhere to the principle of decentralization, empowerment and innovative management, and improve management efficiency in an all-round way.

Yang Shaohua, Chairman of the Group's Supervisory Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union, presided over the meeting

Struggle to create history, hard work to achieve the future. The meeting called on all employees to take up the mission of building a large-scale shared enterprise with global vision and local leadership capabilities with real hard work, raise the fighting spirit of hard work, grasp the direction of hard work, and improve the people who work hard. Effectiveness, gather the joint force of hard work, forge the ability to work hard, be a good respondent, do a good job of "addition and subtraction", improve the quality of enterprise development, operating efficiency and employees' sense of gain, optimize the industrial system, manage and control business risks, and be brave. Climb a more splendid career peak.

Advanced collective and advanced party branch in 2021

2021 Group Model Worker

The meeting commended advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2021. The 2022 Economic Responsibility System Assessment Target Responsibility Letter was also signed at the meeting. The Aluminum Smelting Division, Electric Power Division, and Aluminum Processing Division made speeches.

Representatives of principals and deputies of various departments of the group and representatives of the team members of each unit attended the meeting.



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